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Why Small Businesses Need a Mobile-First Mantra in 2014

No Business Is Too Small for Mobile

Small Businesses Should Consider 100% Focus On Mobile in 2014


According to a recent Nielsen study, some 61 percent of mobile subscribers own a smartphone of some kind, an increase of more than 10 percent over 2012, the first year smartphones became the majority in mobile devices. The highest penetration is among users aged 25-34 at 78 percent, but use of such devices is growing in all demographic groups. An increasing number of Americans are spending more time with their phones than they are with their computers, their televisions or any other kind of media.

The majority of this time is not spent making calls, texting or using the web, it is spent in mobile applications. According to app analytics firm Furry, roughly 80 percent of the time mobile users spend on their devices is spent in apps. What company in their right mind wouldn't pay attention to that?

In March, ABI research reported downloads of applications for mobile smartphones will be in the range of 56 billion for 2013. Additionally, mobile users will download around 14 billion applications for their tablets. Given 365 days a year, 24 hours in a day, this equates to close to 8 million applications downloaded per hour or more than 133,000 downloads per minute.

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