Best Web Choice began offering web design service in Silicon Valley from our office in San Francisco when the web was just getting started.

Over the years, we have helped groups like the World Food Program in Rome, to 100's of businesses across the US prosper online. We've designed, repaired and maintained large ecommerce systems and have helped scores of entrepreneurs launch business ideas. Our experience has taught us how to help clients adopt new technology and marketing by doing it in phases. We have found this approach helps to manage cash flow and increases the adoption rate of new systems amongst staff.

Moore's Law, in summary, states that what came before, is obsolete within 18 months. Recently, Social Media and Mobile Media are the new technology and marketing darlings. Integrating your website with SOMO marketing presents challenge and opportunity.

Our motto is, "We don't build sites; we build businesses." Anyone can build your Facebook page, or your website. Having one of your tech savvy employees make a page for your company may save you money in the short run but often this is a false savings. Most of our clients come to us after they have fired their friend or family member; and are now readied to seize the full potential of the web, social and mobile.

If your company is ready to be a successful case study in the new market, give us a call.

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